A few years ago Enid Lusale opened a small school called Umwenge School, at her home in Lusaka Zambia for children who come from homes with disadvantaged backgrounds in terms of finances and family circumstances. Whilst the government provides free education, meeting the minimum cost of uniforms and books is still a very challenging reality for these children’s parents. Umwenge means Light or Torch.


"I really enjoyed taking pictures of the kids. They had such wonderful smiles and they were so excited. Everything at the school was basic but the students love it! They just want to learn" 


Chili Dodwell (director of Job Connections) recently came back from Zambia where she visited kids.


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The money will go to paying the teachers' salaries,getting the students'

materials and providing a meal for them. 

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Enid is a retired teacher with years of experience as a primary school teacher and also as a special needs teacher. Her last position involved working with autistic children at Chainama Day Center, now known Chainama Primary School.