The school

Umwenge School is non profit project run by a Enid, who’s main intention was to help children from poor backgrounds, to complete their primary schooling and get them into mainstream secondary education. Most of the children are primary school dropouts due to lack of finances. 


The school helps the children complete their primary education schooling and to attempt the Grade 7 Government examination.  Students who pass this exam then proceed onto secondary education. Enid believes that if a child has the basic 12 years of education, then they can at least improve on their life and circumstances.


Although the secondary education is not provided at Uwenge, Enid ensures that the achieving students continue to be funded (tuition fees, books & uniform). Tuition fees are about Zambian Kwacha K800,000 per year which is equivalent to  £100.00


The school is now in it’s 5th year and with some success under it’s wing. Last year 5 students passed their Grade 7 examination with flying colours and are now in secondary school. One bright girl got into a top Catholic run school called Roma Girls Secondary.


The school has 36 students aged between 9-19years. The school has 2 full time teachers. Most students are starting their grade 1 at 9-10years of age. The students not only receive an education at Umwenge School but they get fed one meal while at school. The school also provides basic clothing for children who just have very little.



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